Content is the key to search and performance!

When people first hit your site, is their reaction, “Wow, this is just what I was looking for!!!”? Content continues to increase in importance in how your website performs and how much you grow.

Whether it is your website, blog posts, PR or other content marketing elements, to get results, you have to write for man and machine. People are motivated by a completely different set of issues than Google. The key is writing so that both parties behave like we would want them to.

Content and Blog is a full-service digital content marketing firm mainly serving clients in Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado, but we also work with agencies all over the US. Our 515 Content BlueprintTM strategically aligns how people interact with the website and draws them in deeper. Visitors stay longer and move to action more often. We cause your website, blog, email campaigns, etc. to shine and deliver. And, we help you achieve top search engine rank. 

Some of our services include:

  • Content Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • Website Copy Editing, Review and Authorship
  • Lead-Nurturing Campaigns
  • Landing Page, Mobile and Ad Copy
  • Case Studies
  • Ghost Blogging
  • PR, Article and Newsletter Copy

We are available on an hourly, project or ongoing, monthly basis.

Call us at (720) 334-7308